About Me

When I was four, I prayed a prayer to have Jesus "in my heart" and henceforth was called a Christian. I understood what this meant because it was what I had been taught. You could say that I believed in Jesus, in who He was and what He had done, from birth.

My acknowledgement of His lordship came later, at the beginning of junior high. Me and my family were in a car accident where our injuries were severe and our faith was tested.

In particular, I can recall surrendering my life to God in a way that I had never done before. I trusted Him more fully and began to see evidences of my faith outside of simply being good. I also sensed a deeper purpose for God's salvation of me, both spiritually and physically.

I began serving in the church and expressing interest in missions and ministry. I went on my first missions trip my first year of high school, and found myself in awe of the depth and length to which God would take me when I stepped outside my comfort zone and allowed Him to direct my steps. I invested myself into missions and local service, hoping to understand this better. I knew this growth was directing me towards something outside of myself.

When I graduated high school I joined Youth With A Mission in Newcastle, Australia. Every day I was outside my comfort zone and I was thriving. I learned about intercessory prayer and that God speaks to His children.

One of the first times I can say I truly heard the Holy Spirit speak to me was at a church service in which I understood that God was calling me to full-time missionary service. I had always loved missions, but was unsure what capacity it would fill in my life. I felt God so deeply confirm this calling in my heart that I found myself weeping in the ladies room, unable to go back into the service until I had admitted my calling and committed myself fully to it.

After my training with YWAM was over, I came back to the U.S. for training at Moody Bible Institute.

After my first semester at school, I was in a coffee shop with my dad discussing what I felt like God was leading me to. He encouraged me not to worry about getting into countries or making money when choosing my major, but instead to follow where God was leading me. I thought about this conversation and realized that in my gifting and passions, God was leading me towards women's ministry. I promptly switched my major and the next year began my studies in the pastoral studies department at Moody.

Through this program, my passion and my opportunity for ministry grew. My growing desires to serve God in this capacity as well as the doors He has opened to me in this area have confirmed to me my call to minister full-time.

After graduating from Moody, I was accepted by YWAM Newcastle to join their staff full-time.

My ministry vision is to see women understand who they are in God's kingdom and be equipped to live out His calling on their lives. My future in ministry will include personal discipleship and mentoring, small groups, lay counseling, writing, and encouragement in scripture. I hope to train women to rise above circumstances, lies, and negative self-image to recognize God's transformative power. I would like to train women to step out in that power to serve Him wholeheartedly.

My mission is to seek God with everything in me so that His goodness overflows into the lives of women to whom I minister, promoting healing and equipping for further service of Him.